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Estas son las diez canciones nominadas de un total de 34 presentadas en esta categoría:

These are the ten nominated songs out of a total of 34 submitted in this category:


Put Some Sauce On It (from TV series «NCIS: New Orleans»).  Tree Adams.

Conquista y Poder (from TV Movie «Small Crimes»). The Blair Brothers.

Respect Greece (from Project «Respect Greece»). Stefano Gargiulo.

Whiteout (from Documentary «Woodsrider»). Ronen Landa.

Die House (from Videogame «Cuphead»). Kris Maddigan.

Found (from Movie «Mail Order Monster»). Robert Mai & Lily Kershaw.

Survivors (free creation). Óscar Navarro.

 All I’m Missing (from Movie «Le Grida del Silenzio»). Brenda Novella Ragazzini (arr. by Luigi Ferri).

Bring Back Our Dreams (from a theatre play). Fran Romguer.

Call of the Guard (from TV Series «The Lion Guard»). Christopher Willis.