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We are living a time of high broadcasting of movie music. The Internet boom is responsible of it in a great measure.

Since late 90's, it must be remarked the constant spread of webpages devoted to soundtracks reviews, with special support on participative opinion forums. The fact is that this boom started in the USA, and it can't be denied, although step by step it has extended towards Europe.

This international character in soundtracks, and in the love they wake, is achieving new milestones with the inclusion of new languages in the map of movie music.

Here in BSOSpirit, we pretend that this soundtrack internationalization come accompanied with a bow of union between all webpages. The competition is healthy and specially needed for the growing of our passion. Some pages' success motivates the others... and make this media fans real fortunated people.

The following survey collects the opinios of the webmasters of the best movie soundtracks webpages in the world. And although not all the film music webmasters are included, some of the best ones are.

We are not trying to establish a dogma, just trying to contrast opinions about hot anew facts, in last term interesting for all of us.

Unfortunately, this survey has been delaying too much due to the sad events suffered this past summer, with the deceases of composers like Jerry Goldsmith, Elmer Bernstein, David Raksin or Piero Piccioni. As most of the questions were answered before this terrible events, a condolence question was not included. Even so, we can assure that the remaining topics deserve a little of your attention and time.

This survey could be viewed as the first stone in a monument of agreement, brothership, and future successes, that here in BSOSpirit we are ready to build in revenue of movie music.

Survey collected by Rubén Sánchez and Pablo Nieto.

The Players

Our most sincere acknowledgement from here to all the webmasters that were so kind to participate in our Sanhedrin. Alphabetically listed, they are: Film Music and Soundtracks Film Music and Soundtracks
Ryan Keaveney. Webmaster
Film Score Monthly . COM Film Score Monthly . COM
Lukas Kendall. President
Filmmuziek! - Recensies van de allerbeste soundtracks Filmmuziek! - Recensies van de allerbeste soundtracks
Arvid Fossen. Webmaster
Filmtracks Modern Soundtrack Reviews Filmtracks Modern Soundtrack Reviews
Christian Clemmensen. Webmaster
Movie Wave Film Music Reviews Movie Wave Film Music Reviews
James Southall. Webmaster
Music from the Movies Music from the Movies
Paul Place. Editor of the printed version soundtrack reviews soundtrack reviews
Andreas Lindahl. Webmaster

The Questions

And the following were the questions contained in the survey. Each of them is a link to a page where you can find the answers compared.

Em@il to webmaster , docmaster . Best viewed : 1024x768 or higher.