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A Tribute To Basil Poledouris

A Tribute To Basil Poledouris

Live In Concert At Ubeda Film Music Festival
Label : Singular Soundtrack - DVDSING001

Versión en español

An unique document made from the heart and to the heart of film music lovers all over the world, including the only concert Basil Poledouris conducted in his life, a few months before his passing.


  • CONAN THE SYMPHONY (Almost 50 espectacular minutes of the “Conan the Barbarian” score, with Basil Poledouris conducting the Andalucía Symphony Orchestra & Chorus. Remixed and remastered in Dolby Digital 5.1)
  • REMEMBERING BASIL (A 40 minutes documentary directed by Dan Goldwasser where friends and personalities like Paul Verhoeven, Randal Kleiser, Zoe Poledouris, Richard Kraft, Eric Colvin or Jon Burlingame remember Basil, his music and his legacy).
  • THE TALE OF CONAN (including the conversation by Poledouris in Ubeda International Film Music Festival where he speaks about his relation with John Millius and how they came to create the score of “Conan the Barbarian”. Including images of his rehearsals conducting the orchestra before the concert).
  • BASIL AT ÚBEDA (A moving document on the days Basil spent at Úbeda surrounded by friends and fans).

Almost 120 minutes of a unique document in DVD REGION 0 (worldwide), PAL Video, in English language with Spanish subtitles.
Limited edition of 1.200 copies.

16 €/ 22,50 USD


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